Christmas Hike at Little Si

I had access to both a car and little dog this holiday season, so two (two and a half?) friends and I headed east towards Mt Si. Christmas week was chilly but unusually clear, which made it great for hiking! We suited Quinn up in her mini-holiday sweater and headed out.

Initially we had some trouble finding the trailhead…

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike, but we had a late start so we opted to do Little Si (480 m) as opposed as Mt Si (1,270 m). I suppose there is only a 2 letter difference between “wise” and “wuss”.

IMG_5022 IMG_5026

Somtimes Quinn took sneaky shortcuts…

Before the summit (photo credit to Reid)

At the summit…

IMG_5043 IMG_5052 IMG_5037
Lucky Quinn got a free ride back, courtesy of Reid.

On the way home we stopped at a drive-through coffee house (probably only because we had the car) and made a lovely curry dinner back at the house! Good yule times, indeed.


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