Daniel and I skirted the impending Seattle autumn for 5 days by heading to New Orleans, where it is still hot, humid and air conditioning is required.

Since it was meant to be a “relaxing” vacation, we didn’t make any plans. We didn’t tell anyone we knew there we were coming. We booked a room in a guest house and just wandered around for 5 days.

We did go to City Park and play mini golf, since I can’t find any in Seattle. (wtf seattle?) I beat Daniel by one par.

And we went to the Aquarium of the Americans, which was partially sponsored by BP and Shell and talked about how offshore oil rigs are great because they create coral-like environments for fish and other species. Sure, guys.

We also went to a lot of bars and saw a lot of bachelorette parties. New Orleans is kind of the Vegas of the South and everyone drinks High Life.


Daniel and I Rode Our Mountain Bikes to the Top of Mt Constitution

drove to Anacortes -> took our bikes on the ferry

We rode in pouring rain to our campsite in Moran State Park. In theory we were the only people in the hiker/biker “primitive” camp site, but some guy was living there. He was spiritual and shared his beans for our soup and we used all our camp fuel cooking them.

So the next day, instead of going mountain biking we had to ride back into town to buy more fuel. But it didn’t rain that day.

On the last day we rode to the top of Mt Constitution (highest peak in the San Juan Islands) before leaving.