A List of Post Titles Apparently I Never Published

I just found a bunch of drafts that I suppose I never got around to finishing that wordpress saved for me! Well I doubt I’ll ever complete them but let’s imagine. I present:
The Posts That Could’ve Been (But Weren’t)

“Dublin Food Co-op” one day I’ll get over them.

“First Real Night in Dublin” yee-haw. no wonder I don’t remember.

“I am Hot” sometimes this is not untrue.

“Lake Washington Is Actually Just a Filth Pit” also not untrue.

“Tonight I Took Minutes for a Meeting of Bike Mechanics”

“My Weather is Better Than Yours” like TODAY.

“I Am Now A Legal Resident of Ireland”

“I Don’t Have a Camera Right Now But Here is What I am Doing”

(no title) secret.

“Could You Please Not Talk to My Calculator That Way” not sure what I meant by that

“Coffee, Bikes, More Coffee, Party” aka Why Dublin is Just Like Seattle

“How Do I Do Anything?” honestly. case in point.


Hey Let’s Take a Moment and Talk About Kurt Cobain

Because that is apparently what everyone is doing these days.


KURT at the SAM last year. I already wrote about it here. Basically it was an exhibition consisting of work inspired by Kurt Cobain, not directly about him. It featured a video of an entirely staged concert using actors which I’m confident more than one more person left the museum thinking they had just seen Nirvana footage. SHAME.


Taking Punk to the Masses at EMP. I didn’t go to this, part of me wishes I did so I could at least write about it and maybe secretly oogle. But somehow this doesn’t seem like a far stretch from the Harry Potter, Avatar, and Battlestar Galactica exhibits that have all happened recently. (Two of which are being held in the same building at the Nirvana exhibit.) Likening Nirvana and Harry Potter is freaky.



This video simultaneously makes me hate people (specifically the interviews about the EMP exhibit) and also rules because it laughs at “beard rock” and because it features my friends at the end. At least it tries to locate the current “Seattle music situation” rather than pinning it on a bunch of bands that happen to be from Seattle that nobody knows or likes.


This was on our coffee table this morning, It’s from the British newspaper The Guardian. The article is pretty generic. Journalist meets Nirvana on the “eve of their fame” and “revisits the experience from a distanced/matured/etc perspective” some odd years later. It perhaps does the weirdest job of “locating the current Seattle sound” by listing bands like Rose Windows and Wayfinders. No, clearly you could not locate the Seattle music scene because apparently you did 10 minutes of research from your laptop in New York. But this is all well and good. Blowing up and getting rich is not the point of music and this is probably why Seattle music and any “underground” music scene remains good.

Though if you’re in to that kind of thing, there is a museum sitting in the shadow of downtown’s Space Needle that’s dedicated to preserving and sharing Seattle’ musical legacy. It’s the Experience Music Project, funding by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen…

Wow. Maybe next time you can mention Pike Place Market and Jimi Hendrix in that sentence? Oh also the grave of Bruce Lee? Thanks.

People on the Internet are Weird

A cool thing about wordpress is they tell you what google search terms people use that have referred them to your blog. Unfortunately a lot of people that use the internet are really fucking weird and don’t realize they things they do in the privacy of their own home will show up to me in the privacy of my own home. From where I will promptly publicize it.

So, with that said, some of the weirdest google search terms that have led people to my blog:

punk sharpie t shirt
irish boys
nude beach dublin naturist nudist ireland
nude beach boy friends
boy swimming naked on the beach
denny blaine park nudists
interactive things
most annoying tasks
ireland blah
winking in ireland
high-visibility vests ireland
cliff of moher + suicide attempt
“mi ami” + dolphins
girls sitting at restaurant
free pics of naked children on the beach
california king bed worst song ever
student party
animal tattoos for girls
hoover cleaning images
student party nude
vegan foreign exchange students
bad ass cafe dublin
strange asian
sexy i malmö
take your pride
construction workers are rude
bicycle toilet
patrick mannix, seattle, wa (3 times??!?)
Автобус от Берлина до Ирландии

Apparently I talk a lot about being naked, going to the beach, and boys. Oh and I’m racist (but I already knew that). Thanks internet, stay weird.

Stoked on Bees

Now that pesky education thing is mostly out of the way, I can realize my other life long dreams. Like becoming an urban bee keeper. I have spent all morning at work (aka study hall) researching this.

To my surprise and delight, there are actually a good number of Irish beekeepers! I imagine them as the quaintest and friendliest people in the world. They have websites and teach classes and everything! (See here and here and here. Oh and here, but I’m weary of the 4H symbol in the corner.)

So I’ve been reading up on how to build a hive and manage the bees and everything. I’m pretty deadset on making a Top Bar Hive (unless anyone reading this has any suggestions for me!) But procuring the honey is still a complete mystery. I don’t like the sound of an “extractor” because it sounds expensive. But I think the ways bees operate as a giant mass is probably one of the most fascinating things ever. The online book I was reading said:

Should the Queen Bee falter due to an injury or is somehow killed the bees will stop where the Queen falls or is otherwise located and remain there until the Queen is able to resume flight or if she is dead they will not leave and will subsequently die.

Andreas decribed this as bee-rutal. (!!) I should say I have only been stung by a bee once in my life and it totally sucked and basically ruined my day. But I also picture myself as a nurturing and kind she-beekeeper whose bees do not sting her.