Apparently No One Has Any Idea What the Hell I’m Doing Anymore Since I’m Not Posting it On the Internet

“Pictures or it didn’t happen” is actually far more true than I ever realized.


In January I started attending Seattle Central’s Carpentry program down at the Wood Technology Center in the Central District. It rules. At first I thought I was really bad at woodworking, but then I realized they were just making us use hand tools to appreciate what power tools do. Power tools are the greatest.

Making the toolbox in our Core class.

Martin admires his own handywork.
In carpentry we got into building houses. It is complicated.
Our current project is building a modular house for a woman on Whidbey Island, which will brought out in sections when we are done. This summer we built the custom cabinetry for the kitchen and bathroom.
Here is the 15″ beam saw we used to cut the glue lams for the roof.


Carbon River

Another two day bike trip! This time we cycled to the picturesque Carbon River campground in the foothills of Rainier and along the Wonderland Trail. According to Matt & the internet, it receives so much annual rainfall it’s consider a temperate rain forest, which is a cool thing in North America (the rain forest, not the rain.)

We took the Sounder of Seattle at a cruel 6 am and stopped in Puyallup for donuts and coffee.

IMG_1082 IMG_1083
We took the Foothills Trail pretty much from the start to finish, which follows along the Carbon River for much of it. We went through the faux-Western town of Orting and South Prairie, both are pretty awesome but pretty depressing.

IMG_1087 IMG_1088
We ended up in Wilkeson before our final ascent into Mt Rainier National Park.

IMG_1105 IMG_1107IMG_1113
It was really beautiful forest in this area, which high ravines and not much traffic (see big one bridge!).

IMG_1119 IMG_1130 IMG_1131IMG_1128
The original road into the campsite has been washed out over the years and is now a hiker/biker rough gravel trail for about 6 miles to the Ipsut Creek Campground, which is incredibly lush with growth. We pitched near the Carbon River and hiked up to see Ipsut falls before sunset.


We had an incredibly satisfying of dinner of re-hydrated chili with field roast and veggies (please God let me never have to eat Field Roast again) and passed out pretty early considering we’d all gone only a few hours of sleep.


The next morning on the way out (through gravel…eeeeeeek) we stopped at Chenuis Falls, but my phone was nearly dead at this point. Here is a photo of Daniel putting his shoes back on:


Christmas Hike at Little Si

I had access to both a car and little dog this holiday season, so two (two and a half?) friends and I headed east towards Mt Si. Christmas week was chilly but unusually clear, which made it great for hiking! We suited Quinn up in her mini-holiday sweater and headed out.

Initially we had some trouble finding the trailhead…

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike, but we had a late start so we opted to do Little Si (480 m) as opposed as Mt Si (1,270 m). I suppose there is only a 2 letter difference between “wise” and “wuss”.

IMG_5022 IMG_5026

Somtimes Quinn took sneaky shortcuts…

Before the summit (photo credit to Reid)

At the summit…

IMG_5043 IMG_5052 IMG_5037
Lucky Quinn got a free ride back, courtesy of Reid.

On the way home we stopped at a drive-through coffee house (probably only because we had the car) and made a lovely curry dinner back at the house! Good yule times, indeed.

Pictures of Haunted Horses Sleeping and Driving + RENO

I could try to describe the Haunted Horses tour, but I won’t. At best I could say it was like listening to the Doors, Rob Zombie and your own band while at the same time driving like a vegan marathon runner without ever changing your clothes and carrying around half a sandwich. Actually that’s not true, I showered pretty frequently (but I’m not even in the band. Shit I barely sold merch even.)

Actually that’s a lie, I can describe tour in one sentence and that is RENO IS AMAZING. Everyone should go to Reno. (all these photos are square because I robbed them off instagram. Thanks Pelly!)

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 3.11.38 PM Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 3.12.14 PM Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 3.11.54 PM Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 3.17.42 PM

Tour was: Seattle -> Portland -> Reno -> Davis -> Oakland -> Eureka -> Portland -> Seattle

Also: never underestimate my ability to take creepy photos.

IMG_2427 IMG_2433 IMG_0035 IMG_2435 IMG_2476 IMG_2438IMG_2483IMG_2461IMG_2529

I am Not in Ireland: The Oly Pen

Road trip to the Olympic Peninsula with Adam, Sharon & the girls for my first full day back in Washington State!

First we drove up to Edmonds and took the ferry across to Kingston:

IMG_1907 IMG_191469827_10200344763095329_1404919887_n

Then we drove for a while and stopped at this random spit of land. There was a toilet with a vent to outside and the wind was blowing up from the bowl (=weirdest peeing experience ever).

IMG_1937 IMG_1939 IMG_1919

Then we stopped in Port Angeles and eat at the natural food market and poked around a really nice bookstore. Also we posed in front of a massive rainforest mural.


After that we drove up towards the Olympic National Park, but a lot of it was closed (boo boo budget cuts or maybe snow). We ended up exploring a campground, which was still pretty cool.

IMG_1961 IMG_1964 IMG_1965 IMG_1974

I am a Highly Productive Individual

Are my coworkers still reading this blog? Cool. (just kidding)

Apparently it’s only taken almost 9 months in Dublin to get back to that “shop ’til you drop” work ethic I left (fled?) in Seattle. Which is basically agreeing to do everything until you physically cannot until time travel is invented. And when that happens: RAD! But for now, let’s review:

2011. Seattle, WA

Working full-ish time at Madison Market (call it “Central Co-op” if you want, but the website is still

-Interning with The Stranger

-Catering with Tom Douglas and hanging out with rock stars

Babysitting for Adam & Sharon (I MISS YOU GUYS!)

-Finished my degree at SU, planning trip to Ireland

-Maybe there was like a social life in there somewhere?

I recall a conversation with my coworker Mike Sparks once, in which I told him all the things I was doing and he said “ugh.” Okay, I get that. But being busy kind of gives your life a good momentum where everything gets done, as opposed to have loads of time where nothing gets done. I’m sure there are studies on this. For now, there is this one.

2012. Dublin, IRL

-Working a part-time sandwich making job which likes to pile on the hours until I cry mercy

-“Fixing” bikes and “building” stuff with Seomra Spraoi. Some of my fellow mechanics may question my dedication. Sometimes I do too.

-Interning with Science Gallery. I would argue internships have a more complicated workload than paid work because there is no “mercy,” there is only “please god give me a job.”

-Doing my Masters  in Arts Admin = writing my thesis. In theory.

-The fun & odd temp job, like prop making and handing out flyers after shows.

-Irish people are lovely, charming and intelligent. Yet sometimes trying to makes friends feels like a chore. But go ahead, ask me where I’m from.

So when my parents call me 6 times in a weekend and I don’t pick up, know it’s because I probably cycling around in the wind and rain like a lunatic trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be. Just know: I love you. I am just physically incapable of expressing at the moment.

In conclusion, WHY DOES SOY MILK ALWAYS CURDLE IN COFFEE? AUGH. But more importantly: will I get sick if I drink it anyway? It kind of looks like I got sick in the cup already.

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like I am complaining about everything. Cause I’m not! Except for the coffee thing, that sucks.

hard at work at Science Gallery