End of an Era: Science Gallery Photo Tribute


This is the Saddest Thing I’ve Seen in a Really Long Time

Tomorrow more than 70 of California’s beautiful state parks were planned to close due to budget cuts. Seem hard to comprehend? Watch this:

Fortunately most of them have been saved. But knowing California budgeting it is only a matter of time (or they’ll just go ahead and do it anyway when it’s not such a public controversy.) This makes my heart ache.

Visit http://savestateparks.org/ for more details.

Ummmm What?

So I believe that somehow the title or the subject or the language of my last post has increased the hits to this blog. (Cool! I broke 1,000!!) But not in a way that I would really prefer or expect.  Checking my stats this morning, WordPress.com informed me that my blog had been referred by a number of not-so-family-friendly sites, including (mom and grandpa please stop reading): fuckhalotgirlz.cz.cc/geli-geleman.php

Ummmm, what?

Seriously the only websites that have referred people to my blog have been facebook and when people (who I now realize I’d really like to meet) do searches for insane things that I happen to have mentioned on my blog and no on else on the internet has. Besides the weirdness of sexual sites being linked to friendly travel blogs, the insanity of the spelling in that url just really confounds me.  But, hey! Robots are reading my blog!

In the spirit of weirdness:

I met this the other day on Camden St

Famous Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! As a tribute to my own wonderful and unique mother, here is a collection of some well-known mothers.

Old Mother Hubbard

So she killed the dog. But not for lack of trying.

Leda (with Swan)

Difficult to find a tasteful picture of this one…Leda is the mother of Helen (of Troy). She had Zeus in the form of a swan. That is some ballsy shit.

Martha Washington

She’s like the “Mother of America.”

Whistler's Mother

Good at sitting.

La Pietà

And, of course, Mary the Mother of God.

Martha, Mother of Sarah

All of which are trumped, of course, by the best mom of all.